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Practice Areas

Collective Labor Law

The Firm specializes in the provision of advice and accompaniment in collective negotiations, representation in injunctions against strikes, representation in collective disputes. In these processes the Firm represents employers, employee organizations and employee committees.

Accompaniment Of Recovery Processes And Structural Changes

The Firm has accumulated special professional experience in the representation of institutional and private employers, to whom advice and close accompaniment are provided in the implementation of recovery plans, structural changes, privatization of companies, streamlining and re-organization. Within this framework, the Firm prepares various agreements, including retirement agreements, accompanies the Firm’s clients in recruitment of employees, employee dismissals and cut-backs. The Firm also accompanies its clients in matters of labor law arising in the course of the sale of companies, changes of ownership, mergers and other transactions.

Labor Relations In Institutes of Higher Education And In The Public Sector

Rubin Shmuelevich Law Offices has acquired a special expertise in representing institutes of higher education and in the representation of large employers in the public sector. In this field, the office has acquired thorough and extensive familiarity with the variety of agreements and different arrangements applicable in the field of higher education and in the public sector, and with the various entities and factors which together shape labor relations in these sectors.

Individual Labor Law

Representation in individual disputes with extensive significance (employees’ “components” claims for recognition of various components as part of the wages; claims dealing with the very existence of employer-employee relationship; claims dealing with complex labor relations and non-conventional employment formats; claims for restrictions on occupation and confidentiality) and representation of employees or employers in claims for enforcement of labor relations and terms of employment; lawsuits concerning pension insurance.

Labor Relations In The Medical Sector

The Firm has acquired special expertise in the provision of advice and legal representation to physicians, employee organizations and employee committees in the medical sector (the Israel Medical Association, the Organization of State Physicians, and the Physicians Organization of the General Health Fund (Kupat Cholim Klalit)) in personal and collective labor disputes, disciplinary proceedings, proceedings vis-à-vis the Ministry of Health and the various health funds and in pension-related disputes.

Claims Of Employees In Dissolution Proceedings

The Firm offers representation of large groups of employees in proceedings of dissolution and in exhausting the employees’ rights vis-à-vis the National Insurance Institute and the Official Receiver.

Clarification Proceedings And Sexual Harassment Claims

Accompaniment of the employer or the parties (the complainee or the complainant) through clarification proceedings, sexual harassment claims and their representation in legal proceedings, where necessary. Within this framework, our Firm also offers training and review days at the clients’ premises, to train executives and employees as to the methods of managing and confronting, from a legal perspective, cases of harassment or suspected sexual harassment.

The firm recently opened a new department that will deal with mediation in private or collective labor disputes.

The Firm’s clients are represented within the framework of legal proceedings in labor courts and arbitrations. From time to time, as the case may be, the legal proceedings are also conducted at the civil courts