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Notable Projects

Supervising the reorganization plan at Tel Aviv University:
providing legal advice to the University within the scope of the reorganization plan to reduce senior staff and administrative staff posts; conducting negotiations with the senior staff organization and the General Federation of Labor (the “Histadrut”) with respect to reducing wages and closing units, including the execution of collective agreements on these issues, as well as court appearances in the Labor Courts in various cases incidental to implementation of the reorganization plan.

Supervising and providing legal advice in relation to the amendment of agreements and by-laws at Institutions of Higher Education.

Privatization of the Israel Public Works Department:
ongoing legal advice and drafting collective agreements between the Israel National Roads Company and the Histadrut, in the privatization process of the Israel Public Works Department. The agreement signed in July 2005 is the most innovative agreement existing in the public service granting the employer administrative flexibility in exchange for wage increments given to the Israel Public Works Department engineers.

Separation of the old Mivtachim and sale of its shares:
drafting agreements and advising the new Mivtachim at the time of its separation from the parent company; supervision of the new Mivtachim in the process of sale of its shares by the Pension Funds Administration to “Menorah” Insurance Company, including the drafting of a collective agreement in relation to the share sale process.

Ness incorporation:
legal advice and supervision of the management of our clients such as NESS Israel, Plazit and Madaf, Amot Investments and Supersol, in all matters arising in the course of sale of the companies, changes in ownership, mergers and other transactions, including transfer and dismissal of employees.

Pension agreement at Dead Sea Works Ltd.:
representation of the workers’ council in the negotiations over the new pension agreement for the employees of the company which replaced the previous agreement from over a decade ago – the agreement enables early retirement for the Sedom employees at various retirement stations, while granting significant financial benefits to retiring employees.

Winding Up of Mei Arad Ltd.: submission of a winding up petition to the Beersheva District Court for the winding up of Mei Arad Engineering, Construction and Development Company Ltd. and representation of some 100 former employees of the company for receipt of a benefit from the National Insurance Institute.