About the Firm

Since Founded in 1997, Our firm became one of the leading Law firms in Israel, who specializes in the various individual and collective aspects of labor law. Our firm currently employs twenty nine lawyers and three interns. for several years, the firm ranked at Dan & Bradstreet (DUN'S100) lists and BDI-code lists at the top quality firms in the field of labor law.

Our service to the firm’s clients comprises all the different aspects of labor law, including ongoing legal advice, representation of employers or employees’ committees or organizations in collective disputes (supporting the client in collective negotiations; representation in injunctions against strikes; representation in collective disputes or individual claims concerned with returning employees to work); representation in individual disputes with broad implications (“component” claims by workers seeking recognition of different components as part of their wage packet; claims pertaining the very existence of employer-employee relations); representation of employers or employees in claims seeking to enforce working relations and conditions; representation of employers in claims of employees of manpower contractors for recognition of the customer (user) as an employer; and more.